Noctvrne is the design brand of Reno artist Connor Goicoechea. Let’s create something awesome together.

nocturne /näk-tərn/ n. – a musical composition that is inspired by, or evocative of the night.
To the brand, a nocturne represents:

  • Music and in turn all artistic and creative mediums
  • The vast expanse of space revealed in the night sky, and the excitement of exploration
  • The change in mood that dark brings from day, the ominous feeling of the unknown


About the Artist


Connor Goicoechea (GOY-kuh-CHEE-uh) is a Graphic Designer & Digital Artist in Reno, Nevada.

Likes: metal, craft beer, design (duh), playing guitar
Dislikes: bad kerning, too few tacos…

Connor Goicoechea is a Reno-based designer with a passion for great design and what it can do for a brand. He graduated from the University of Nevada, Reno with a Digital Media Major and Video Game Design Minor, he also worked on campus as the Art Director for Insight Magazine. He currently works as Lead Graphic Designer at The Abbi Agency and a Lab Instructor for Journalism 108 at UNR.